There are distinct differences between furniture refinishing and furniture restoration, and credible evidence arguing the benefits of restoration.  Refinishing a piece of furniture implies that it will be returned to a usable and functional condition.  In contrast, the process of restoration uses wood that is age appropriate with an era appropriate finish in order to rejuvenate the original beauty and functionality.  With the choice of refinishing rather than restoration, you face the potential loss of market value of your antique. 

Our preferred method of furniture revival at Metro is restoration.  Full restoration will replace or repair any missing or damaged components such as drawers, inlays, hardware and any other pieces.  We also repair cracks, burns, water stains, splits, damaged veneer, loose joints, door slides, etc.  The piece will be properly cleaned, sanded, and polished by our expert third-generation craftsmen to return it to its original condition while maintaining the historical value.  A proper restoration has the wherewithal to enhance the beauty and increase the market value of your generational heirloom.