At Metro Furniture Restorations, Inc., we believe that every piece of furniture has a unique history worthy of outstanding care. From elegant antique grandfather clocks to heirloom vintage dining sets, our second-generation specialists work diligently with the utmost care to restore your precious valuables to their original beauty and functionality while allowing the ancestral radiance to shine through.

Upon arrival at Metro, your piece of furniture will be evaluated for damage and era and a plan of action will be determined for unsurpassed quality restoration.

Prior to the commencement of the restoration process each individual piece will be meticulously and photographically catalogued.

Measurements of the items individual components will also be taken to assure the exact repair restoration or true to era replication.

One of the most difficult parts of the process is the initial disassembly of any given piece to assure that once it is reconstructed every component maintains its original integrity size and fit, each component is meticulously removed, cataloged, evaluated, photographed, measured, stripped of any finishes to it’s true and raw material, and then again cataloged, evaluated, photographed, measured and determined for its restorability.

Each fastening system whether it be a wooden peg, a screw, a nail or a hinge will be kept, cleaned and reused if it is not damaged beyond its serviceability. If replacements are needed they will be guaranteed to match* the pieces era and integrity of its original manufacture.

Once these steps are completed repairs and restoration to the raw components can be initiated and performed. Our craftsman will then begin the process of restoration, repair or true to era replication of your furniture pieces.

Painstaking efforts will be achieved in matching the original wood, components and ultimate finishes.

Every piece will be handled with care and compassion from concept to completion. Even though we restore your furniture in the true manner of the artisans and craftsman that originally built the pieces; modern technology allows us to maintain a clean and dust free environment with state of the art finishing booths and climate controlled work and storage areas which assures you that all work is performed in the appropriate climate controlled conditions to guarantee that your items will not be adversely affected by humidity or extreme temperature changes..

Through our multi-step restoration process, we test for suitable finishes and techniques before cleaning and making repairs to inlays, drawers, hardware and other components. Antiques are repaired using age-appropriate methods of duplication while era-appropriate techniques are practiced during French Polishing to feature natural beauty and conserve individual patina.
Our artisans at Metro Furniture Restorations, Inc. are committed to providing each customer with an exceptional experience and impeccable service.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to rediscover the original beauty and natural elegance of your heirloom quality pieces through restoration.

*in some instances the replacement of fasteners is required and will be replaced throughout the entirety of the specific piece(s) to assure the original look and style is maintained