Metro Furniture Restorations, Inc.

Established in 1977, we are surpassed by none and a recognized leader in Authentic Antique Furniture Restoration, Re-Upholstery, Repairs and Modifications.  Metro Furniture Restorations is further unmatched in our knowledge, abilities, experience and expertise in not only the valuations of fine, antique and heirloom furniture whether it is for sale or auction purposes, or for your lifetime investment.

Our expertise, understanding and compassion of our clients’ needs begin long before our quick response.  It is our team’s immediate mobilization and staging of qualified personnel that helps minimize potential damages and costs by identifying the salvageability of furniture, antiques and heirlooms and immediately beginning the restoration process.  Metro’s expertise begins with more than two centuries of combined experience in the valuation and restoration of fine, antique and heirloom furniture.

Our understanding begins with continuous training, education and the use of state-of-the-art technologies combined with the gentle and caring hands of our craftsman and artisans.  Our compassion begins by recognizing that to the common furniture repair shop you may simply be a piece of furniture that comes into their shop, but to us, you are a member of our family. It is our job to bring you peace of mind while we restore your lives…one piece at a time.